What sort of people pretend that other people don’t exist?  What sort of man concludes that another man is not?  What justification does society have as it condescends and patronizes the aged, ignoring their very existence and inherent worth?

Try as you might, you cannot invalidate the existence of the old among us.  Old people are everywhere: at work, in school, at church, on the bus, at Walmart, in hospitals, at grandma’s house, at the zoo, in law firms, downtown, on college campuses, in the burbs, and on the golf course, oh, especially on the golf course.  You can spew some half-hearted, ill-fated and condescending psychobabble about how the world is made for the young who are esteemed for their strength, but you cannot honestly do so without regarding the aged for their wisdom and their worth.

This is the truth of Proverbs 20:29.  The world must cease in its idolization of the first part without honoring the latter, and in doing so we will all be commended for our own grey hair as the elderly become less antiquated and more venerable.

BTW, this is the only reference to a Gray Hare in this post.